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Aguni, Okinawa "born, bone, boon."


Hitoshi returns home to Agunishima to introduce his new bride Yuko, but when he tells her the real reason for their returning, she is furious. She shouts "I'm going back to Tokyo!" The real reason for returning to the island was for the traditional Agunishima custom of "cleansing the bones" of the dead. A mother who won't speak, a stubborn brother, and a stepdaughter who has shut her heart... and then his father's bones. Through the ritual of bone cleansing, the members of this disjointed family find their true selves in this heartfelt comedy "born, bone, boon". This work, based on a serious theme of "bone cleansing," which continues to this day in Agunishima, will make you laugh and cry. It is a heartwarming film that shows the true value of Gori, the director.


Agunishima is situated about 60 km northwest of Naha city, and is an island with a circumference of about 12.8 km. It's main industries are agriculture and fishing, but recently it has also become famous for the production of "Aguni Salt". It was formely known for the production of foxtail millet (Awa), and this was the origin of its name "Agunishima". It is also known as the "Island of Japanese sago palm" because of the many sago palm trees that were planted for times of famine. While there is a strong current off the coast of Fudenzaki, one of the best scenic spots on the island, from May to July a lot of bigeye kingfish are found there, and it is a famous diving spot for advanced divers. The custom of "bone cleansing" highlighted by this film still remains in some parts of the island.


Gori of Garage Sale
Hitomi Sato
Tomoji Yamashiro
Misako Koja
Azusa Gushiken
Masami Iha
Kanako Fukuda

Director・Work Data

Director Gori
Director's Profile

Born in Okinawa in 1972. Studied film at the Nihon University College of Art (Cinema Department Drama Course) in 1993. Has been active in many fields, as an entertainer, actor, and director. His directorial debut work was "Keiji Bogi" (2006), which he also starred in and wrote the screenplay for. "Keiji Bogi" won a Spotlight Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival. Since then, he has continued directing 9 feature films, beginning with "Minami no Shima no Full Moon", and including this current film.

Script Gori
Shooting Manabu Oshiro
Music Makuoto
Producer Magoari Yamazato
Production OTV Development CO.,LTD
Country Japan
Year 2016
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