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Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture "BENTHOS"



In the Takashima area, Takashima is the only island of the four islands of Takashima, Hashima (Gunkanjima), Nakanoshima and Tobishima which are inhabited. The total area of the town is 1.34 ㎢, including the combined four islands, and prior to merging with Nagasaki City it was the smallest town in Japan. Takashima and Hashima flourished with coal mining, and the Takashima and Hashima coal mines increased coal production to support the modernization of Japan. Today, Takashima is an island surrounded with beautiful seas, with facilities such as the Tobishima fishing park, an artificial beach where you can enjoy snorkeling, and the Takashima Iyashinoyu where you can bathe in seawater facilities. We are developing this town more attractive while leaving the historic Takashima coalmine in place, as one of the "Meiji Japan Industrial Revolution Heritage Sites for Steelmaking, Shipbuilding and Coal".


Karen Miyazaki
Atsushi Korechika
Midori Tanaka
Kyosuke Watanabe
Ninsei Watanabe
Nagasakitei Kiyochanpon
Kazumi Kotobuki

Director・Work Data

Director Tekko Nogami
Script Tekko Nogami
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