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Hikone,Shiga Prefecture "I Don’t Wanna Meet Nobody"


This is the story of a wonderland where people turn into "phantoms" when withdrawn. The hero is Umizu, a senior in high school.
Filled with bullying by friends, his mother's expectations and concerns for the future. Crushed by so much pressure, Umizu begins to withdraw.
He transforms from the young boy Umizu to the phantom Umizu.
One night, at Lake Biwa, he sees himself reflected as a phantom in the black lake surface and begins singing his favorite song. Then, Ririka from the local cafe gently speaks to him from behind.
Led by that voice, he finds himself at the cafe for withdrawn people, the "Dare ni mo Aitakunai Cafe". At this cafe, where unique phantoms meet, Umizu finally finds his place.
However, one day he hears that a resort developer will demolish this cafe on the Lake Biwa lakeside. He wants to protect this precious place.
They are timid, delicate and kind. These phantoms have to find their courage and take a small step forward.


The Late Bokuriri
Masaaki Amenomiya etc

Director・Work Data

Director Masaaki Kanamori,Eikichi Soma
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