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Matsue, Shimane Prefecture "Izanagi"



The port that is closest to God. Mihonoseki, at the eastern end of Shimane Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has been known as the sacred cape. This was the stage of the transfer of the land in the mythical era, to the Edo era where it was supported by Kitamae ships, and up to today. They have lived with God and been supported by the sea. This is where the new day begins, with the rising sun illuminating the sea. The Izumo "transfer of the land" as recorded in the "Kojiki" and the "Nihon Shoki". The protagonist is Kotoshironushi no kami. Today in Mihonoseki, the peace and revitalization brought about by the myth of the transfer of land has been inherited, and the Kotoshironushi no kami has become popular as "Ebisu-sama", bringing prosperity and protecting the sea.


Katsuya Maiguma
Rina Takeda
Aoyama Fall Gachi
Keita Ushio
Kennosuke Kishi
Junya Okumura
Teiki Yamaguchi
Sumiko Koike

Director・Work Data

Director Nozomu Kasagi
Script Nozomu Kasagi
Music Hideki Tanaka
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