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Tawaramoto,Nara Prefecture "I"


Ai Sakai made her way from the town of Tawaramoto in Nara Prefecture to the pinnacle of comedy, the Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater while living an unusual life as comedian and member of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki as well as working for Kintetsu Railway. Yo Sato who looks exactly like Ai Sakai is teased for looking like Ai Sakai regularly and withdraws from society. Yo feels hatred towards Ai Sakai and heads to Tawaramoto. Yo delves into the daily life of Ai Sakai and interacts with the locals and Ai's family which gradually decreases her hatred towards Ai. What lies in store for Yo?


Ai Sakai
Aina Fukumoto 
Hayato Nishite

Director・Work Data

Director Shinsuke Tatsukawa
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