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Sumoto,Hyogo Prefecture "Old-fashioned Man"


Born and raised on Awajishima. Regular office worker Tsuyoshi Yamamoto has never been off the island in this film which depicts half of his life up to marrying off his only daughter.
Just like in the words of the song "Jidai Okure",
"The man in the corner of the bar laments into his drink without complaining to his children or showing tears to his wife"
This clumsy, but loving man is played by Kanpei Hazama and Shintaro Hazama.
This story shows the charms of the islanders, through the life of this man.


Kanpei Hazama
Shintaro Hazama
Kenji Tamura 
Tetsuji Sakakibara etc

Director・Work Data

Director Yasutaka Otsugi
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