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Morioka, Iwate Prefecture "ALL FOR ONE"


This film delves into the rugby world, a timely topic as the 2019 Rugby World Cup approaches, in hopes of generating some extra excitement about the World Cup matches scheduled to take place in Iwate.
Reflecting the inimitable warmth of northern communities, where hearty geniality and empathy can withstand even the coldest temperatures, director Atsushi Watanabe shapes his work around the unifying power of the "one for all, all for one" rugby spirit and the sport's unique pathways to the joys of cooperation.The film's setting is Morioka, the capital of Iwate Prefecture.
With the city government offering the production team its full support, the filmmakers used that access to highlight the community's key features—and decided to film the entire movie within the city limits, even featuring Morioka Mayor Hiroaki Tanifuji in the footage.


Masanari Uchima (Slim Club)
Ken Maeda (Slim Club) etc

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Director Atsushi Watanabe
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