Workshop Collection

Workshop Collection

In recent years, ”workshops” have been gathering attention as a new space for children’s learning and creativity.
Some original, outstanding workshop programs that have evolved with distinct styles have been held throughout Japan, stimulating children’s creativity and expressive capacities.
The workshop collection is an expo event that gathers workshops for children scattered across the country into one place and introduces them to the public, with the goal to popularize and develop workshop programs for children nation-wide.

The workshop collection is a “celebration of workshops for children” realized through a collaboration of various players such as industries, academia, and government, who organize workshops for children throughout the country. This is an event where these different players present and exchange their activities, and where children gather to join and experience these workshops.


Dates: Saturday, April 20 – Sunday, April 21, 2019
Venue Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa[Naha]
Eligibility: People of all ages
内容: A wide collection of programs can be experienced, including arts and crafts, painting, science, motion pictures, environment, digital technology, and music.
There will also be a variety of original workshops led by Yoshimoto entertainers.

Images of past events

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