Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions

At the Okinawa International Movie Festival, we are opening a website titled “Shima Zembu de Oki-Now” during the movie festival, where viewers can feel the bustle from the venues through the social media posts by the performers as well as the visitors.
By simply posting to Twitter with the hashtags “#島ぜんぶでおーきな祭” and “#沖縄国際映画祭”, the posts will be uploaded on to the “Shima Zembu de Oki-Now” site. The number of tweets posted last year on Twitter was 138,370,713 in total.
This year, we will have a variety of comedians showing up to the venues and different spots in Okinawa, interacting with performers and visitors to share the energy of the festival through social media.
The invited comedians are: Tenjiku Nezumi, who are captivating their fans with an eccentric sense of humor, Shun Shun Clinic P, who is popular for his typical-doctor-story songs “Hey Hey Doctor”, EXIT, who are bound to break big as a Shibuya player-type comedy duo, and Uma to Sakana, who showed a moving dream-themed music video at the festival’s All Ending event last year.
Kawahara from Tenjiku Nezumi

[Original Okinawa Karuta]
by Kawahara from Tenjiku Nezumi

Twitter of Kawahara from Tenjiku Nezumi

Shun Shun Clinic P

[Doctor Shun P’s Doctor Visit in Okinawa]
by Shun Shun Clinic P

Twitter of Shun Shun Clinic P


[Okinawa Playerstagram]

Twitter of Rintaro

Twitter of Kanechi

Uma to Sakana

[Huge Dreams in All the Islands]
by Uma to Sakana

Twitter of Uma to Sakana

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