Art Event

Art Event

During last year’s Okinawa International Movie Festival, we held an outdoor photography exhibition “colors of OKINAWA” at Tenkubashi located in Naha city’s Shintoshin Park, displaying the work of local photographers as part of a public art project. The images of Okinawa shot by 18 photographers with connections to Okinawa captured with unique perspectives attracted many viewers from Okinawa, Japan, and overseas. Many people appreciated the beauty of Okinawa taken from various angles.
Following the same approach used last year as a public art project in Shintoshin Park, we are holding Naha Shintoshin Park Public Art Exhibition 2019 entitled “NAHA 530 ART” (Naha Garbage Free Art).

Taking after the Okinawa International Movie Festival’s theme, this public art exhibition will make garbage “transform” into art.
We will be exhibiting works such as “Yambaru O-Gomi-Uo”, a large artwork made of garbage by Yodogawa Technique which was created for a community art festival titled “Yambaru Art Festival 2018-2019” held in the Yambaru region in northern Okinawa. The exhibit will also include “Suderu” by Choji Nakahodo, which is an artwork created with the concept of metamorphosis. This art will come back anew wearing marine litter.
We are also planning a participatory installation, aiming for an art exhibition that can teach people about the “marine litter problem” and propose a garbage-free lifestyle.

Naha Shintoshin Park Public Art Exhibition 2019 entitled “NAHA 530 ART” (Naha Garbage Free Art)

Duration: 18 April - 19 May, 2019
Venue Shintoshin Park[Naha]
3-2, Omoromachi, Naha City, OkinawaMAP
  • Yodogawa Technique'Yambaru O-Gomi-Uo'

    Yodogawa Technique "Yambaru O-Gomi-Uo"

  • Choji Nakahodo 'Suderu'

    Choji Nakahodo "Suderu"

Image of Last Year(2018) Outdoor Photography Exhibition "colors of OKINAWA"

  • colors of OKINAWA Image1
  • colors of OKINAWA Image2
  • colors of OKINAWA Image3
  • colors of OKINAWA Image4
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