A School to Have Fun: Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa

A School to Have Fun: Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa

Laugh & Peace Entertainment School was established by Yoshimoto Kogyo in April 2018 and opened its first accredited school, Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa.
The company plans to make All the Islands a base for innovation in entertainment by giving Okinawan children a chance to dream and know the joy of working in the field of entertainment, and nurturing a diverse range of talents.

Last year the school welcomed its inaugural students, celebrating this occasion with the world’s earliest school festival by holding performances on the festival’s stage and taking part in the Red Carpet.
This year is also filled with various events such as those showcasing the students’ achievements, welcoming the new students, and other programs held in the school building on Kokusai-dori for future students to experience the "school to have fun".

These events will provide them with opportunities to interact with others through entertainment, learn to use body language to connect with the audience and experience the joy of entertaining people.


Date: Thursday,18th April - Sunday,21th April
Venue: Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa [Naha]
Address: 2-1-29 Matsuo, Naha City, OkinawaMAP

Thu.18 - Sun.21 April

  • A Cafe in collaboration with School to Have Fun Canteen serving ice cream, drinks, and food
  • Manga Open Library & Open Space hosting games and events

Fri. 19 April

  • 2nd Matriculation of the 2019 Class at the Beach Stage
  • Impulse Toshiyuki Itakura × Cork, Inc Yohei Sadoshima "How to create a work that creates the next hit"
    Impulse Toshiyuki Itakura × Cork, Inc Yohei Sadoshima
    A talk show about Impulus Itakura's book.Listening to Mr. Sadoshima ‘s impressions from the editor's point of view and discussing "how to create a work that produces hits."

Fri.19 - Sun.21 April

  • Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa: Open lessons by the teachers

Sat.20 April

  • IGENGO Lab. x Yoshimoto Kogyo "Cross-lingual Escape Game" in Okinawa International Movie Festival“

Sun.21 April

  • Let’s Walk the Red Carpet All Together
*Lesson schedules, genres and content are subject to change.
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