Naha Kokusai Dori Red Carpet

A “Red Carpet” event will be held on Sunday, April 21 at 12:00 – 14:30, as the crowning event of the festival.
The event will be on a grand scale, with invitations to many performers and others associated with participating films, event stars, and film festival officials.

SDGs x Yoshimoto Kogyo: New Films Series 3

The third series of new collaborative films between SDGs and Yoshimoto Kogyo will be screened at each venue, in OIMF’s attempt to increase awareness of the SDGs initiative.

So da! Dondon Ganbaro! Stamp Rally

A personality stamp rally will again be held at this year’s 11th OKINAWA International Movie Festival, to help people to learn about “SDGs” as part of a game.
The 17 goals of the “SDGs” are replaced with “familiar things” to help children learn more about them, enjoying the fun of collecting all of the personality’s stamps as part of an “SDGs” game.
Small prizes are also provided for those that collect all of the stamps.

Cross-lingual Escape Game "The Mystery of the Treasure Hidden in Blue Waters: Rendezvous on a Moonlit Night"(Provisional)

A new kind of escape game incorporating sign language, written communication and sound in puzzle solving, the goal of which is to escape the room by means of conveying the messages to each other.
People who can hear will team up with deaf and hearing-impaired people, who speak "different languages" — sign language or spoken language, and will together solve puzzles that cannot be solved without hearing the sound or without knowing sign language.
We are collaborating with "Igengo Lab.", a general incorporated association that has organized various workshops and cross-lingual escape games. The event will be a special version attended by numerous popular comedians.


"JIMOT CM REPUBLIC" is a project whereby we create commercials based on commercial proposals entered into the contest through social media by the original proposers and local residents. The aim of these commercials is to show the continuous beauty of each region.
Under the title "JIMOT CM REPUBLIC", this program will be held like last year to (1) set the theme of SDGs, and (2) use social media for collecting entries.
The purpose of exciting local regions hasn’t changed, and the categories of "46 Prefectures", "41 Okinawa Municipalities" and "Overseas" remain unchanged.

Okinawa’s Local Strengths Leading to a Better Future

The 41 Municipalities of Okinawa Category in "JIMOT CM REPUBLIC" will hold an event on Friday, 19th April, a day before the FINAL selection.
This festival will gather all of the films created by each municipality in Okinawa, with the theme of "Okinawa’s local strengths leading to a better future".

Laugh&Peace Town

In the "Laugh & Peace Town", we will strive to raise the satisfaction level of visitors as well as exhibiting companies by holding many new participatory programs such as shows by artists or in-venue excursions in collaboration with companies and associations.
Since last year, we have shifted our venue to the Shintoshin Park "Oharappa".
Together with the people of Okinawa Prefecture and our friendship partners, we will strive to offer programs involving greater participation and create a space that is always bustling and never boring!

Stage Performances

The Okinawa International Movie Festival is an event that celebrates not only movies but various forms of entertainment. This year we have lined up a variety of programs, such as comedy, music, and dance, to entertain people of all ages.
In the "Closing Live Performance", the All the Islands Okinawa Band led by Kariyushi 58 will bring back last year’s frenetic performance that can be joined by all residents of the prefecture.

Yoshimoto Sports Park in Naha Shintoshin Park

Okinawa Prefecture aims to be a sports island with diverse opportunities for sports.
We will provide a platform for men and women of all ages to discover the joy of being active and increase health awareness. During the Okinawa International Movie Festival, we will organize events that provide the residents of Okinawa with opportunities to enjoy sports and become healthier, through diverse sporting and entertainment activities.
We will also seek help from sports-related companies in the prefecture to create a collaborative event with the prefecture.

A School to Have Fun: Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa

Laugh & Peace Entertainment School was established by Yoshimoto Kogyo in April 2018 and opened its first accredited school, Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa.
The company plans to make All the Islands a base for innovation in entertainment by giving Okinawan children a chance to dream and know the joy of working in the field of entertainment, and nurturing a diverse range of talents.

Workshop Collection

In recent years, ”workshops” have been gathering attention as a new space for children’s learning and creativity.
Some original, outstanding workshop programs that have evolved with distinct styles have been held throughout Japan, stimulating children’s creativity and expressive capacities.
The workshop collection is an expo event that gathers workshops for children scattered across the country into one place and introduces them to the public, with the goal to popularize and develop workshop programs for children nation-wide.

Art Event

During last year’s Okinawa International Movie Festival, we held an outdoor photography exhibition “colors of OKINAWA” at Tenkubashi located in Naha city’s Shintoshin Park, displaying the work of local photographers as part of a public art project. The images of Okinawa shot by 18 photographers with connections to Okinawa captured with unique perspectives attracted many viewers from Okinawa, Japan, and overseas. Many people appreciated the beauty of Okinawa taken from various angles.
Following the same approach used last year as a public art project in Shintoshin Park, we are holding Naha Shintoshin Park Public Art Exhibition 2019 entitled “NAHA 530 ART” (Naha Garbage Free Art).

Social Media Promotions

At the Okinawa International Movie Festival, we are opening a website titled “Shima Zembu de Oki-Now” during the movie festival, where viewers can feel the bustle from the venues through the social media posts by the performers as well as the visitors.
By simply posting to Twitter with the hashtags “#島ぜんぶでおーきな祭” and “#沖縄国際映画祭”, the posts will be uploaded on to the “Shima Zembu de Oki-Now” site. The number of tweets posted last year on Twitter was 138,370,713 in total.
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