"JIMOT CM REPUBLIC" is a project whereby we create commercials based on commercial proposals entered into the contest through social media by the original proposers and local residents. The aim of these commercials is to show the continuous beauty of each region.
Under the title "JIMOT CM REPUBLIC", this program will be held like last year to (1) set the theme of SDGs, and (2) use social media for collecting entries.
The purpose of exciting local regions hasn’t changed, and the categories of "46 Prefectures", "41 Okinawa Municipalities" and "Overseas" remain unchanged.

Screening Event

Date & Time: Saturday, April 20, 2019 18:30 – 20:00
Venue: Special stage in Naminoue Umisora Park[Naha]

Theme and important points

Local Strengths Leading to a Better Future
We are looking for "things you want to leave behind for the future."

"Local Strengths" include the important things and feelings that we want the children of the future to inherit.
We believe that "Local Strengths Leading to a Better Future" has the same aim as the "SDGs". Take videos of those things around you that you would like to leave for the future.
Apply Period: Until Sunday, 11th Febrary 2019
SDGs is an abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals".
These are the 17 goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, with the aim of achieving a future of happier lives for the people of the world by 2030.


46 Prefectures Category
41 Okinawa Municipalities Category
Overseas Category
Each Category:
500,000 yen Winning Prize & your commercial being broadcast on terrestrial TV
hashtag for Apply
46 Prefectures Category - #JIMOTCM
41 Okinawa Municipalities Category - #JIMOTCM_OKINAWA
Overseas Category - #JIMOTCM_WORLD

Last Year(2018) 46 Prefectures Category Grand Prix

  • Kyotango-shi,Kyoto

Last Year(2018) 41 Okinawa Municipalities Category Grand Prix

  • Yonabaru-cho, Okinawa

Last Year(2018) Overseas Category Grand Prix

  • Nepal

Last Year(2018) Overseas Category Special Prize

  • Sri Lanka
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