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Transform! Follow Your Heart
Okinawa International Movie Festival welcomes its 11th opening this year.
The festival can be bigger and even more exciting. We created a message that can be a catalyst for the festival itself, to make a dramatic transformation, and to attract even more visitors.

The slogan was designed by an up-and-coming copy writer, Junpei Watanabe, and the illustration is by two art directors: Shumei Takahashi and Yu Orai.

Through the concept of “Follow Your Heart” and through the visual world of the new characters created last year, “New O! Chan”, who pop up all over the place, the team aims to further bring out the powerful presence of Okinawa International Movie Festival.
Creative Director & Copy Writer

Junpei Watanabe

Born in 1977 in Chiba Prefecture, Watanabe entered Hakuhodo after graduating from Waseda University. He founded Watanabejunpeisha Inc. in 2006.
Illustration Design & Art Director

Shumei Takahashi

Born in 1964 in Ishikawa Prefecture, Takahashi entered Dentsu after graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Commercial Design. He managed various advertising campaigns, and was awarded the ACC Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertisement Design Award, Nikkei Advertising Award, NYADC Award, Spikes Asia, etc.
Art Director

Yu Orai

Born in 1983, Orai entered Denstu Inc. in 2008 after graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts the same year. She currently works for Dentsu Lab Tokyo.
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