Movie Categorys

Movie Categorys

Under the concept of "Laugh & Peace", a number of different films will be screened in various categories at the 11th Okinawa International Movie Festival.

Special Invitation

We will screen "Erica 38" (Starring: Miyoko Asada), Kirin Kiki’s last work before passing away in September 2018.
The production of the film was announced at the Okinawa International Movie Festival 2 years ago, and was submitted to 20 film festivals around the world.
Directors and casts of hit movies throughout Asia will also attend their film screening, including those of "Violence Voyager" (Director: Ujicha), the world’s first full-length gekimation film which will be released in May.

Special Screening

In the Special Screenings category, we have prepared a variety of "Love and Peace" films that are sure to help you enjoy this year’s OIMF.


This category began from the 2nd OIMF, with television stations teaming up with Yoshimoto Kogyo on productions.
This year, Yoshimoto entertainers and film creators have teamed up to produce 9 films for screening with 9 stations : NHK, NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Yomiuri Television, Mainichi Broadcasting, and Asahi Broadcasting.
The category is also popular for the number of special guests who come to participate at the Festival every year.

Japanese Comedy, World Comedy

Continuing since the 1st Festival, the "Japanese Comedy, World Comedy" category focuses on "Laughs".
Works will be screened from the unique perspective of director, editor, and writer, Tetsuo Takahira.

Sakurazaka Film College

"Sakurazaka Film College" invites special guests to propose new ideas on how to watch movies.
A number of events are planned this year at the Sakurazaka Theater.

Okinawa Historical Movies

The nostalgic landscapes, culture and customs of Okinawa, captured on film. This program introduces the history of Okinawa, as seen through movies and images.
This year we plan to screen films depicted from the viewpoint of "women" among numerous works set in Okinawa and digitally restored 8 mm photographs taken by ordinary people in Okinawa.

Local Origination Project Films

This project fulfills the strong desire of local people to tell everyone throughout Japan about the various charms of where they live and revitalize their communities through film.
With the participation of everyone in the community in the overall film production, from writing the scripts to performing in the movies, we will share the enjoyment of making something, the delight and the love of one’s home through these films that are produced with the help of Yoshimoto Kogyo.


  • Iwate Morioka City
    Cooperating MunicipalityMorioka Iwate Rugby Association
    Movie Detail
  • Yamagata Yamagata City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesYamagata Diversity Media
    Movie Detail
  • Tokyo Katsushika Ku
    Cooperating Municipalities Katsushika
    Movie Detail
  • Kanagawa Ayase City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesAyase Location Service
    Movie Detail
  • Nagano Chikuma City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesChikuma Shinshu Chikuma Tourism Bureau
    Movie Detail
  • Shiga Hikone City
    Cooperating MunicipalityHikone
    Movie Detail
  • Nara Tahara-Honmachi City
    Cooperating MunicipalityTahara-Honmachi
    Movie Detail
  • Hyogo Sumoto City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesSumoto
    Movie Detail
  • Shimane Matsue City
    Cooperating MunicipalityMatsue Matsue Tourism Association
    Movie Detail
  • Nagasaki Nagasaki City
    Cooperating MunicipalityNagasaki City Takashima Community Center
    Movie Detail
  • Okinawa Onna-son City
    Cooperating MunicipalityOkinawa Prefecture Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau Onna-son
    Movie Detail
Community-based Movies have been a main program since the 3rd Okinawa International Movie Festival in 2011.
They are made in collaboration with local municipalities, corporations, schools and chambers of commerce throughout Japan.
84 films have been made as of April 2018. *22 from Okinawa

Creator’s Factory

This started at the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival with the aim of discovering and supporting the development of the next generation film makers under 25 years old.
In the "Creators Factory 2018 U-25 Competition", works that pass the primary review from amongst the entrants will be screened, then there will be a public judging, followed by the selection of Grand Prix and special Jury Award (multiple) winners.
The winners will receive prize money worth a total of 1 million yen to help pay for the production of their next film. Also, we will have a movie workshop in 2020, and will fully back up the commercial movie debut of the most talented creators.
The jury for the video competition includes well known experts involved in media in Japan and overseas, such as directors, producers, and screenwriters.
What new talent will be unearthed this year? We hope you will look forward to it.
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