TV Programs About the Festival

TV Programs About the Festival

For the 11th Okinawa International Movie Festival, we are planning for festival coverage in “Laugh and Peace” (RBC) and “Down Town DX” (Yomiuri TV) as well as “Kokusai Dori Red Carpet Live” (Nippon TV). The bustle of the festival will be paraded across Japan, as many broadcasters are planning on special programs for the festival, including Nippon TV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, MBS, ABC, Kansai TV, Yomiuri TV and TV Osaka. As usual, we won’t stop with just these special programs.

To spread the word on the various attractions of the festival, we will also have online programs, in addition to over-the-air programs, reaching out to national and worldwide audiences.
We are planning to stream a festival special on “Osaka Channel” (NTT Plala), ready for your viewing at anytime.
Twitter will be used for national streaming of each festival venue’s bustle, making full use of photos and videos from the venue and to promote the festival through social media.
On the popular GYAO! program “Yoshi Rogu”, we will be live streaming the raw behind-the-scenes and vibrant on-stage festival footage.

We will also continue to show what makes this festival so exciting through various other TV programs throughout the year.

Okinawa TV Program


    RBC "Laughp!"

    Every Friday from 25:25

    This is a community-based TV program running with the motto “make the whole of Okinawa smile”.
    Here, aspiring comedians such as Garage Sale introduce the beauty of Okinawa to the viewers. Alongside the special episodes recorded during the festival, this program promotes the Okinawa International Movies Festival throughout the year across 41 municipalities in Okinawa.

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    Okinawa Television "MOI AUSSI BE TV"

    Every Sunday from 8:25

    Cookie from comedy duo Yasei Bakudan, and Fukushima from Garittochu will visit various locations and learn about Okinawan culture and art and create original art with the people involved in these fields.

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 Webcast & Other

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