Cross-lingual Escape Game

Cross-lingual Escape Game "The Mystery of the Treasure Hidden in Blue Waters: Rendezvous on a Moonlit Night"(Provisional)

A new kind of escape game incorporating sign language, written communication and sound in puzzle solving, the goal of which is to escape the room by means of conveying the messages to each other.
People who can hear will team up with deaf and hearing-impaired people, who speak "different languages" — sign language or spoken language, and will together solve puzzles that cannot be solved without hearing the sound or without knowing sign language.
We are collaborating with "Igengo Lab.", a general incorporated association that has organized various workshops and cross-lingual escape games. The event will be a special version attended by numerous popular comedians.


Date: Saturday, April 20
Time: 1. 13:00〜15:00 [Receptionist 12:30〜]
2. 16:30〜18:30 [Receptionist 16:00〜]
Venue: Yoshimoto Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa[Naha]
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