REPORT2019.04.20Kids Play and Learn at the 11th OIMF’s Workshop Collection

Kids are filling Yoshimoto Kogyo’s Laugh & Peace School on April 20th and 21st for the “Workshop Collection” that is part of the 11th Okinawa International Movie Festival. The event gives them the chance to explore activities that are both fun and educational, and also meet some of their favorite entertainers.

The comedy duo Chocolate Planet guided kids in decorating sandals with their own original designs, and Hiroshi Yamamoto of the comedy trio Robert helped young participants create their own “kami-shibai,” a traditional form of Japanese storytelling that combines drawings and narration. Popular travel writer Rieko Ayumi held a workshop where kids could try out tribal clothing and instruments from around the world.

Children of all ages can visit the “Straw Forest” and create 3D geometric shapes with drinking straws, an activity that not only develops their creativity but also teaches them how to recycle something that is usually thrown away. Kids can browse interactive digital picture books and experience augmented reality, with icons and characters placed around the school that come alive with motion when touched.

Older kids created a “Kitchen Orchestra,” connecting spoons, aluminum foil or metal cups to an electronic kit that produces sounds when the objects are touched. They can even try their hands at computer coding, including programming a drone to fly in a certain pattern.

The “Workshop Collection” is one of the ways that the 11th Okinawa International Movie Festival goes beyond a film and art festival and contributes to the community.

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